IT Training

At Universal Legacy, we use the latest technology in the delivery of training programmes. The school is practically oriented hence, we do hands-on training; which means everything is that is said is demonstrated using the appropriate tools.

Our Programmes:

Microsoft Office Suite

This is an introductory programme on how to efficiently use Microsoft Office programmes in your day-to-day activities; be it personal use or corporate purpose. The programme also embodies the use of Internet to work with Information, thus; Email Management, Using Search Engines etc.

We have a competent team that will take you through the following programmes:

  • Introduction to Computers
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Internet Access


Web Design & Development

Ready to learn web design? Universal Legacy’s web design and development course will quickly bring you up to speed on a variety of crucial skills for building your own website, whether you have programming experience or not. The programme embodies how to create Your First Website, Web Page Development, Building an Online Business as well as Web Business Development and Marketing.

With this program you will gain a comprehensive understanding of web design. Upon successful completion, you’ll have skills and training that will greatly enhance your employability and career prospects.

By the end of the training, you’ll know to:

  • Introduction to HTML;
  • Use HTML, CCS and JavaScript in Content Management Systems;
  • Design mobile responsive websites;
  • Create contact form to be linked to your email;
  • How to setup your website using wampserver;
  • How to setup your website online; and
  • How to develop dynamic and interactive websites


Upcoming programmes:

Computer Hardware

Satellite Installation